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  • Up next: the world's first lightsaber manscaper!

  • WW3:starts Them:*time to shine*

  • Why don't you put on the flying boots you wore in the video that came out on November 7, 2016 so you can fly with the jetpack?

  • Why don't you put on the flying boots you wore in the video that came out on November 7, 2016 so you can fly with the jetpack?

  • dislikers are from dark side

  • The Lightsaber: Named the most efficient meat roaster ever made

  • Imagine pulling that out on a barbacue party

  • Excelent coking yutencil

  • Execute order 66

  • Can it cut through bullet proof glass

  • Idea: rolling droideka

  • This guy is a DEnamer? I thought he would at least be a ceo of military weapons

  • It comes with sound 😀

  • Somewhere aliens are grasping the fact we can control plasma now

  • 1980's: I bet we'll have flying cars 2020: Nah, but we got lightsabers

  • He's not a Jedi cutting throught the tie fighter it's Moff Gideon. He works for the empire

  • 2:24 IRON MAN WAS HERE 💀💀💀💀💀💀


  • 4:27 watch James back step for his life as bogden almost sets his hair on fire

  • 7:52 lololol

  • lightsaber != hand held flame thrower

  • Dude light saber was like a laser not a fire or whatever

  • Visually stunning, but what about the sound? You justed pasted the sound effects from Star Wars -right? I’d have much rather listen to the actual sound it makes.

  • Great! Now we just need to find a way to make it more powerful, longer and find an infinite power source Also this is really cool how its basically a protosaber, this is probably the closest humanity ever got to a real lightrsaber

  • Vader suuuuuuit

  • 3:52 that meat isn't even Pittsburgh style anymore, it's just straight up Tatooine style

  • I would cut down London Bridge,singing London Bridge is falling down Falling Down. Just because it is a well know Nursery Rhyme we Scots was taught @ Scho0l.

  • But can it deflect lasers?

  • can u burn a motercycle

  • W-what is this?

  • At this point Elon musk should hire him...

  • Why couldn't you light sabre the tyres :(

  • This is the future

  • 6:17 "Oh, it's melting! AND EXPLODING!!"

  • 3:56 dude this is not for fighting its also for cooking XD

  • I love this channel and i found it twenty nine minutes ago

  • Lets see them make a portal gun next

  • See How much everone is intrested in devastation

  • make another one and make a duel

  • "What would you destroy with a lightsaber?" GENERAL KENOBI

  • feels like im watching a video that will one day be in the history books 3000 years into the future talking about how the first prototypes of lightsabers were pretty primitive

  • Ew sequel trilogy

  • Imagine if robber broke in to his house 0-0

  • 🤭

  • This is honestly very awesome, but still basically boils down to being a flamethrower. I can't wait for the day you can make something like this that doesn't require the massive back pack!

  • Very similar setup to the very first star wars lightsabers

  • That turkey died to have its body melted by a light sabre

  • this man really making war weapons here

  • Just imagine what the military can do with this.

  • An Excellent build. In the future with more efficient power sources. Putting out insane amounts. Maybe they will have one without the need for backpacks of gas

  • Way to Awesome

  • 11 m for this junk.

  • I Wood to destroy a Buy drink

  • So just a big plasma cutter?

  • Next time on "Hacksmith": We build working mojnir assault armor from halo.

  • You had me at “cut”

  • Hey where can i buy one of these and how much will it cost, i have some...business to take care of at the local orphanage

  • Hacksmith: makes lightsaber Everyone: Oh my god, okay it’s happening, everybody stay calm.

  • I also like how you added the sound effects of the lightsaber cutting through the steel door and siding. I'm a welder and use torches on a daily basis they sound nothing like that. Great video tho

    • Its part of the build video -- sound module from a forceFX light saber

  • Looking for triggered vegans in the comments

  • Sooo, why you aren't producing more like that to sell??

  • So then you wouldn’t need a external power source

  • You can use a titanium rod with a laser to keep it from melting

  • Hey what if you made a glass that has such a high melting point that it needs to be in the sun to melt and used many mirrors to make it reflect and then use magnifying glasses to concentrate them

  • This is more like a very focused flame thrower than a lightsaber.

  • 7:53 “wow it’s burning!” YA I HAD NO IDEA

  • I mean it's really fuckin awesome and but I wish it was quick slashes over slow burn through it

  • Ok this is epic

  • Imagine in 20 years as they keep improving the design we’ll l actually have light sabers

  • 9:40 ANOTHER CAR!!!

  • Dude, you need more recognition this is revolutionary! Just think of the things people could do with this type of stuff!

  • No wonder my uncle looks like master joda he is a welder 😂

  • Isn't it basicly a welding machine?

    • Its actually made from from a glass blowing machine

  • Stop the meat is already done

  • How much for that?

  • Oh god that beautiful car. I would've loved to have that as my first car

  • *10 Weapons to brutal for war*

  • Cool job, guys!!!👍

  • You mad lads. You did it. We are now no longer in the worst timeline

  • Ayo, for the actual lightsaber crystal you should use solid materials that will change the lightsaber color while being able to stay solid

  • I bet he gonna use these weapons in war world 3

  • This is insanity, wow I'm impressed, I've seen a lot of your vids but this one is insane, keep up the good work

  • Revans theme... ahhhh yes.... perfect!

  • So, think you could make synthetic rubies with it? Look at element maker & Nighthawks channel, plasma need, sounds like a light saber is perfect.

  • I kind of wish the light saber blade was longer and could stay at a decent length. But still that is amazing. I’ve watched the making so many times

  • Can I kill with this?

  • What is the real sound it makes?

  • Can u Rob a bank with this

  • The part where he cuts the walls is so satisfying

  • A plasma cutter on steroids high five bro.

  • most impressive, young hacksmith...

  • Can we talk about how that Riviera had a ZZP sticker on it? I wonder what was modded :)

  • Cool you made a fancy handle for a plasma cutter

  • When will u tell the giveaway results

  • Everybody that wants a REAL lightsaber seems to forget one little problem with this model: actual lightsabers have SOLID BLADES! If the blade itself was only a controlled-length plasma stream, then there would be no hard collision between 2 blades as they would just pass through each other. While the lightsabers in the movies are CLEARLY fictional and frankly, not feasible... If you're going to imitate something with this level of effort, at least try to imitate it BEHAVIOR as well. It's not a true lightsaber unless you can actually spar and clash with another lightsaber.

    • @ThatGuy guy That's pretty much been ruled out, since you can't artificially "shape" magnetic fields. You need at least one pole to introduce a single-sided magnetic force, and, regardless of what scientists *TRY* to to do, matter is the only medium that can create proper magnetic fields. That's why dark matter is basically the key to "unlocking" a lot of scientific research. Matter is frankly very limited in what it can do, but dark matter literally manipulates our reality from another dimension (the 4th axis, or 4th dimension), yet we're currently unable to manipulate dark matter itself. If, and WHEN, we develop a way a to utilize dark matter dependably, humanity will see an age of scientific breakthroughs that will make Einstein seem irrelevant by comparison. Dark matter is the literal gateway into the 4th dimension.

    • What if we used magnetic fields?

  • I love this build, but the sound effects kind of ruin the demonstration.

  • The us army wants your location

  • A real lightsaber cuts throw anything instantly,it doesn't😞but good job

  • Next vid: cooking stuff with a light saber

  • *takes a bite of the flesh* *face demonstrating unimaginable disgust* "...Delicious."